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Benefits Package

Change the way you live, with these benefits

Included with all Live Reszi® homes is a Reszident Benefits Package. Below is a list and description of the reszident benefits included in this package. The Reszident Benefits Package is mandatory and the cost is $50.00 per home per month.

No additional charges for rental payment options online.  Many property management companies charge Reszidents transaction fees for online payments. All online ACH payments with Live Reszi® are accepted free of any service charge.  Credit card payments are also available at a small service fee via our payment portal.  If you have any problems, please call our Reszident Direct Payment Portal at 1-844-530-5785.

Reszidents have free access to our Reszident Portal to submit maintenance requests, pay online using all included payment options to include the automatic ACH option, and have access to electronic statements. This valuable feature offers Reszidents 24/7 access to their accounts, records, copies of leases and policies as well as online rental payment and maintenance requests.

Need help with making a payment through the Reszident portal? Contact the toll free Reszident Direct Payment support number for assistance.

1-844-530-5785 hours of operation 8:00-5:00 (CST). 

 Live Reszi® will grant upon request, either a one-time waiver of a returned ACH or NSF fee or a one-time waiver of a late fee. 

Let us help you build and improve your credit so you can jumpstart your financial future. Live Reszi® will ensure your rental payment history is reported to one or more of the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Reszidents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.  Just call 1-855-788-1370

Live Reszi® will periodically facilitate delivery of HVAC filters to the property under the Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program. Live Reszi® also provides twice yearly HVAC maintenance and inspection under the Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program to ensure your comfort and reduce any downtime or maintenance issues on heating or cooling your home. 

New Reszidents can enjoy the convenience of moving in at their own pace. All Live Reszi® homes are outfitted with electronic blue tooth enabled encrypted locks that will be provided for the Reszident to access on the lease start date. New Reszidents will also be able to complete a supplemental move-in report within 3 days of lease start using a provided web link. While Live Reszi® performs detailed move-in inspections, photos and/or videos prior to Reszident occupancies, this unique feature affords Reszidents the opportunity to provide additional documentation which supplements Live Reszi™ inspections.

When moving into a property, Reszidents are often charged numerous fees. Commonly experienced fees consist of a “lease preparation fee” and a “Credit Risk Mitigation” fee. Such fees can be substantial, running between $300 and $500. While some of these expenses are necessary, Live Reszi™ homes builds such fees into the Reszidents Benefits Package, thus spreading the cost out over the life a Reszident’s lease. Moving is expensive and Live Reszi® homes seeks to make the process as affordable as possible.

Live Reszi® includes Renters Insurance from a third-party insurance policy that is included in the Reszident Benefit Package. Enrollment in this program waives your obligation to provide a certificate of liability insurance that covers certain accidental damages and liability arising from fire, smoke, explosion, and sudden and accidental water discharge caused by your as described in your lease agreement up to $100,000.  *Note, this included policy does not cover renters’ contents.  OPT-OUT. A Reszident may always carry their own Renters Insurance. If Reszident chooses to Opt-Out of the Reszident Included Renters Insurance Program listed above, Reszident shall still be responsible for paying the monthly cost for the Reszident Benefit Package as provided in the Lease Agreement.

Live Reszi® will respond to any requests for Reszident’s rental and payment history from a mortgage company or another prospective landlord.  We want to be your credit reference!

Live Reszi® provides access to the FLEX program, which allows you to make 2 payments per month towards your rent versus the traditional single payment.  This program can improve your cash flow, help you avoid late fees and builds your credit history.

New Reszidents can enjoy the convenience of moving in at their own pace. All Live Reszi® homes are outfitted with electronic blue tooth enabled encrypted locks and garage door openers that will be provided for the Reszident to access their Reszi home on the lease start date.

Any Reszident that qualifies for a Reszident Transfer under the Reszident Guide and is moving out of state may have the $500 transfer fee waived upon approval